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An evaluation story-

Credibility of success depends on a meritorious evaluation of originality. This story of originality is accessed through plagiarism free performance. We facilitate services that allows to hold on some inspiring belief for a better future.

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At Student Life, we provide a captivating service with a variety of project styles. We believe in the versatility of academic genre and the category of writing. We provide services that are authentic and  project oriented catering needs of all students.

We at Student Life take the pledge to perform a specific understanding of individual student’s work with precise zeal and hard work.

Student Life functions as a student guide solution catering to a number of services. The captivating performance include:

  • Essays
  • Dissertation
  • Research Projects
  • Proposals

Topics that we work on:

  • Business Management
  • Health Care
  • Accounts and Finance
  • Science
  • Literature
  • Sociology


Gaining admission is often the most difficult part of college.  There is more competition than ever for the same few seats. The unfortunate reality is that you need to market yourself.

Strong test scores aren’t enough any longer, you must present a persuasive case to the admission committee on why you.  Admissions officers read thousands of essays and you need your application to stand out.  This means that your application and essays need to be compelling and tell a coherent story.

We help students tell their story, and tell it better.  Over the years we’ve worked with with hundreds of students as they edit, refine, revamp, and sometimes overhaul their essays.  We work with independent college counselors and online.  We believe in clean, clear, compelling essays that are easy to read and stay on point.

How this works:

We talk with you about the essay: what you’re trying to convey, which schools, etc .  You send us what you have.  We work on it (comments, edits, suggestions).  We send it back. You respond to our work and make changes. Sometimes this takes many exchanges, sometimes one.  We  continue to  help until you’re satisfied with your essay.  The turnaround time is quick.


Customization:  We customize our services to our students’ needs.  We can meet up in person.  We can coach over  video chat or the phone .  It all depends on what you want. We are fond of following your particular time of submission.

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