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Essays are a common form of assessment in most educational courses, and they account for a huge chunk of a student’s final grade. Student Help hires some of the most experienced academics who specialize in essay writing. Our online essay writing services help thousands of students achieve their academic objectives with flying colors every year.

The Best Essay Writing Services for Multiple Fields and Domains

We have hand-picked scholars and writers from a variety of fields. These professionals combine to create original essays that meet international standards of quality. Top Essay Writing Services Catering to a Variety of Fields and Domains in the UK and Australia. Here are some of the topics on which we can write essays of any length or difficulty level:

Business Management

Budgeting. Financial Modeling & Forecasting. Marketing. Human Resource Management. The domain of business management is wide and so is the coursework. Our academic writers in the UK and Australia can write in-depth essays on any topic relevant to this domain. 

  • We conduct in-depth market research and financial analysis on paywall-blocked websites. 
  • We then present this content in different referencing styles (Harvard, APA, etc.) as per our client’s demands. 
  • Our essays are then methodically checked for accuracy and adherence to academic standards.

This multi-stage process of writing business management essays helps us maintain premium quality with each delivery. 


Our expert writers in the UK and Australia have decades of experience crafting well-structured medical and healthcare-related essays with clear thesis statements, appropriate citations, and in-depth critical analysis. 

  • We use the latest medical journals and clinical studies to conduct our research. 
  • We adhere to all the referencing styles commonly used in medical writing (Oxford, MLA, etc.)
  • Our work is always reviewed by both software tools and human editors for clarity, coherence, and quality.

Securing A+ scores on medical essays has never been easier!

Accounts & Finance

Many of our writers have backgrounds in commerce, finance, and accounting. Plus, we have consultants and associates at some of the leading accounting universities in the world. We leverage this experience to create top-quality accounting and finance-related essays. 


Be it biology, chemistry, or physics, analyzing and interpreting scientific data is never easy. That’s why we have multiple teams dedicated to this task! These pros specialize in writing high-quality scientific essays that meet international standards of accuracy, coherence, and quality.


Over the years, our writers have analyzed thousands of classic literary texts. They’ve also developed critical arguments and written in-depth essays on these texts. Let them leverage this knowledge to write flawless essays for your next literature assignment!


Crafting well-structured essays on sociology with clear thesis statements and appropriate citations and analysis is not easy. Thankfully, our academic writers have years of experience researching through countless sociological studies and surveys and using that info to write high-quality essays. 

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